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The Harvest

Get ready to start the new year with an amazing workamping job that offers fantastic pay, endless fun,

and unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Come to Michigan early and experience
the breathtaking beauty of the state before you start your job!

We are thrilled to welcome Workampers from all over the country every fall to join us in assisting
Michigan Sugar Company with their annual Sugar Beet Harvest workamping job. This is an exciting opportunity that
you won’t want to miss.

Earn up to $1,400 a week working in the Great Lakes State

Join us for an unforgettable journey and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Weekly Overtime
  • RV H/U are Available in Both Full and Partial
  • Season Completion Bonus
  • Limited Hotels are Available
  • NOT Working in the Fields
  • Positions include Piler Operators & Special Equipment Operators
  • Management and Supervisory Positions are also Available in Both the Yard and Offices

What is it Like?

“The beet harvest is a unique and rewarding experience. While the work can be challenging, and the
weather is sometimes uncooperative, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some incredible people. The
compensation is excellent, and the season is relatively short, making it an ideal opportunity to spend a
month or so in a new area, support local businesses, and explore new things.

The job can be whatever you make of it, but in my experience, it’s a fantastic workamping opportunity
that allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and make lifelong friends. To me, that’s the most
rewarding aspect of the job.”

Want to learn more? Click the link to watch the Jobinar we did with Workamper News!

The Harvest Kicks Off In

Get ready for…

Tons of

on the road

Money Making


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What people are saying

“We have been working for Express Employment since 2014. Our experience at the sugar beet harvest has been very rewarding. We have found the staff at Express as well as the Workampers to be so much fun to work with and look forward to seeing them every year.”